Tuesday, 29 March 2016

It’s High Time For Smart Timekeeping

Leading the pack of smart watches, Breitling’s Exospace B55 is its first and is already turning a new wheel in futuristic watchmaking. Designed for pilots, this revolutionary watch connects with the pilot’s smartphone through Bluetooth LE, complementing his ease and optimizing his flexibility.

Since a complete hands-free experience would aid the competence of pilots, any notification received on the user’s smartphone like calls, messages, alarms etc will be duplicated on the watch’s chronograph and vice versa. Its smart functions are tweaked keeping in mind its utility for the pilots. The special function of recording up-to 50 block times and flight times along with coordinating with airport codes makes it just more than just a fancy instrument.

When in doubt you can merrily turn to an Exospace as its accuracy of keeping time is ten times higher than standard quartz , and with the quality of having the strap, hour and minute hands match in color, this watch carries variations is in its nerves.

Pragmatic functionality, a classy sporty look along with a Swiss lineage, this connected chronograph is here to stay. 

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