Tuesday, 12 July 2016

TAG Heuer Connected: The Smart Watch for The Smart Times

Standing out from the crowd of smart watches, TAG Heuer’s Connected collection is first of its kind that epitomizes extravagance and finesse to the smart generation that likes to multitask while on the move.The TAG Connected collection presents a confluence of the watchmaker’s classic charisma of craftsmanship and the very best of an android experience. It is the first of its kind to showcase the elegance of Swiss-crafted luxury as well as innovation in wearable technology. Although the smart watch is built on Android wear, it is also iOS compatible.


The black carbide-coated titanium bezel reflects its opulence while the strap is made of vulcanized rubber with titanium clasp and safety push-button that makes it easily adjustable for any wrist size. 

 Priced at 125,000, it is by far the most superior high-end smart watch that you can avail. Also, TAG Heuer offers an exchange of the Connected with another TAG Heuer mechanical watch after two years of its usage. So can you resist the lure of a luxury smart watch from a horological genius like TAG Heuer!!


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