Sunday, 25 January 2015

Feminine Beauties

Feminine watches! The biggest confusion is whether to choose a fashion friendly or a classic lady-like watch. For a lady, it is difficult to find the two combined, it’s like a catch-22 situation.
If you are on the quest for a fashion watch, you might be limited to brands that often lack good mechanical craftsmanship. On the other hand, if you have a taste for a jewelry watch, you might be confined to eccentric granny style designs. So what to do?

So, let us recommend some pieces of art that will stay with you forever.
1. If high precision watch making is not really your cup of tea and you prefer something more vibrant with lot of sparkle, this “Heure du Diamant” watch by Chopard in 18-carat white gold and diamonds is a jewel in it’s own sense. The beautifully crafted oval case and dial are surrounded by diamonds all over and comes with a soft satin strap. “A luminous display of elegant luxury” would be a suitable phrase for this horology.

2. For a truly elegant and superbly crafted watch, you can always depend on CartierTank Anglaise. The Tank story takes an unexpected turn with the Tank Anglaise. The winding mechanism seamlessly incorporated into the case is a distinctive feature. Its 18 carat pink gold case set with brilliant cut diamonds is superbly chic and its stylish simplicity means you can wear it from a regular day at office to a formal black-tie evening.

3. For all the women who appreciate timepieces decked out with bling, Double Mystery by Franck Muller is the watch for you. The dial is set with 218 diamonds and hands-free hours/minutes which alternatively is indicated by two turning disks. This crafted watch comes in a white gold case with 120 colored stones and diamonds.

4. The DateJust PearlMaster 34 is not merely a watch but a statement of strength, sophistication, class and tradition. It is rightly named as Rolex’s crowning jewelry featuring softly curved lines of the Pearlmaster design. This beauty is available in rose (currently in the picture), yellow and white gold. This stunning timepiece is characterized by a rich and exquisite gem setting of diamonds. This is an ideal possession to be passed down to your future generations.

5. If you prefer something a bit more contemporary, sleek and unfussy, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ladies is a perfect fit for you. It’s white gold case is entirely set with 152 diamonds and glare proof sapphire crystal. 318 diamond paved dial with white gold hour markers and Royal Oak hands with luminescent coating totally makes it stand out.

6. Velvet timepieces are Haute Horlogerie divas that draw all eyes with their exceptional charisma.  The femininity, glamour and sheer sparkle of Velvet watch places it unmistakably in the world of Diva. The Velvet High Jewellery (RDDBV0014) in white gold is paved with diamonds and is testimony to the unrivaled expertise of Roger Dubuis. It’s a magic blend of technicality and preciousness, with 304 beguetts arranged in an invisible setting seem to magnify the shine of the stones.

7. Sugar by De Grisogono transforms the watch into a luxurious sweet treat. The moving gems create a free movement leaving a sparkling cascade of the highest quality of blue sapphires. The combination of sophisticated movement, pink gold case along with a dial full of diamond cut sapphires sums up to a timepiece that is both classic yet innovative at the same time.

8. The most vibrant collection by Hublot till date is the Big Bang Pop Art. Drawing inspiration from Andy Warhol, a pioneer in the Pop Art Movement, with  a daring disregard of conformity and an edgy feeling of fun, the ultra feminine yet fashionable automatic chronographs are for you if you are a lover of colors with technological jazz. The watches are available in hot pink, purple, dazzling blue and apple green with 41mm case size. Not only do these colors evoke a feeling of pop art era nostalgia, they were the hottest spring colors for 2014.

9. The Imperiale 40mm by Chopard in rose gold is a sparkling feast of color. A veritable rainbow of sapphires, beguetts and glowing diamonds encircle an elegant mother-of-pearl dial on which rainbow sapphire indexes and stately rose-gold hands and roman numerals take center stage. A regal rose-gold bracelet adds the finishing touch to this utterly unique timepiece. It is quintessentially perfect for those who like their timepieces to be elegant and sophisticated with a touch of uniqueness in them.

10. If you think you have seen some of the most bling-bling watches, wait till you see Harry Winston Signature 7 diamond studded timepiece. This jewel in the form of a bracelet is overflowing with diamonds . The case is done in white gold while a dizzying collection of 380 diamonds glitter on the case  and bracelet and another 48 diamonds on the dial. This watch is sure to make any lady glitter and dazzle.


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