Friday, 12 December 2014

Top Pilot Watches

Today, pilots have all sorts of electronic equipment to help them, but even then, the pilot’s watch is great for everyday use because of its reliability and clarity with respect to various aspects of flight. And for anyone interested in flying, it immediately becomes a source of fascination. It conjures up images of exploring the deep blue sky in a Spitfire or a Typhoon… The technical features of pilot’s watches are generally anti-magnetic qualities, good shock protection, and sometimes hacking seconds for synchronization.
Although designed to help pilots during mid-flight, aviation watches are some of the most stylish timepieces on the planet. There’s something about their functional design, which is both intrinsically appealing and unwaveringly masculine, and for this, we love them. Here are five of the best Pilot watches.

The most famous of all aviation watches, the Breitling Emergency II is as stylish as it is practical. The dual frequency emergency beacon technology is basically part timepiece, and part radio transmitter. The system uses a rechargeable battery, which should be charged every two months.In addition to the dual frequency capabilities, the Breitling Emergency II watch is finally an emergency beacon system that allows for search and rescue anywhere in the world. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters. With the titanium case aside, the BREITLING Emergency II Watch comes in three different dial colors – Volcano Black, Cobra Yellow, and Intrepid Orange in 51mm case size.

2. Zenith Pilot Doublematic
The Zenith Pilot Doublematic boasts an impressive list of features without trading mechanical prowess for digital programming. Packed into its 45-mm steel case, the Doublematic sports a 30 minute chronograph, world time, an alarm with its own power reserve indicator, and a big date display — all thanks to the Zenith El Primero 4046 movement. The 4046 is a 5Hz automatic movement with 439 components, 41 jewels, a power reserve of 50 hours and a total thickness of over 9 mm. The Pilot Doublematic is designed for travel; whether you’re in the cockpit or the first class cabin, this impressive watch will be right at home.

A legendary watch among the IWC family, the Big Pilot has been in production for a staggering 70 years, making it one of the longest running watches from the famed Swiss brand. Housed inside is one of their most impressive movements – the biggest ever for IWC; the 51111-calibre movement effortlessly builds up a 7-day power reserve and the unique design of the case protects the watch against magnetic fields.
The signal red counterpoise on the central hand shows the silhouette of a jet. The model is offered in a 48 mm diameter, Case height 15 mm and Water-resistant 6 bar.

4. Bell & Ross BR 03 Ceramic
Bell & Ross’s watches mimic the instruments of an aircraft’s cockpit. The BR 03 presented in 2014 is made in ceramic, strong and scratch-proof, and matt black like aircraft instruments. The Swiss-made automatic movement (ETA 2892) provides hours, minutes, seconds and date, in a large 42-mm case, with 100 metres water resistance. The strap is in black rubber or black heavy-duty canvas, with black PVD-coated steel pin buckle. 

5. Hamilton pilot’s watch
The Khaki Pilot Pioneer Aluminum is the first time that Hamilton has used the light, aeronautical metal, in a series of four colours, sand, khaki, black and navy blue. The design was inspired by watches that Hamilton made for the R.A.F. in the 1970s, with an asymmetric case, wider on the right hand side than on the left. A crown at 2 o’clock can be used to rotate the internal bezel, whose markings make it possible to use the watch for a countdown. The H-10 movement has an 80-hour power reserve. The watch is very light, and mounted on a NATO strap of the same colour as the case, with leather details and aluminium pin buckle. The model is offered in a 41 mm diameter size. 


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