Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Why Kapoor Watch Company this festive season??

Embrace the festive season with gifting temptations and possessions for life time from Kapoor Watch Company. We bring to you a selection this festive season that is emblematic of your special bond and showcases your love towards your loved ones. These time tellers are a marvel crafted by the best watchmakers of the world making them a gift they will never forget
Choose from exclusive festival offers that suit your many needs or customise the gifting options as you please. We are here to turn your moment of celebration into a sweet and a lasting memory.

Thus we would like to throw some light as to why you should choose Kapoor Watch Company when buying or gifting possessions for life time this festive season.

     1.)  We know what will you like.
Your love for luxury is known to us and to reconnect with your vision for the world full of luxury, personal purpose, values, and passions is our goal.

     2.)  Innovation is what we appreciate and sell.
We love to sell what is most innovative and new in the market. Thus we make sure that we serve you with the latest fashion trends in the market when it comes to watches.

     3.)  We believe in authenticity.
We are an authorized retailer with major luxury watch brands. Every watch that we sell comes with the brand warrantee and we strive to maintain its quality before handing over these premium products.

     4.)  We develop a relationship for lifetime.
We are also an authorized service centre. With a team of highly trained technicians we make a point to remind you time and on that how important it is to regularly get your watch oiling and servicing.

     5.)  Not all about watches.
If you thought that Kapoor Watch Company is all about luxury watches, then us enlighten you. We are here to serve you with many other accessories to be gifted to your folks this festival season. A range of gifts from luxury pens to wallets and cufflinks all are available in the store this season.

Come and grab a piece from our luxurious collection or visit us at .


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