Friday, 28 March 2014


Time is said to be the most precious and so are the designs and styles associated with the unique
timepieces. The concepts of style and trends in case of timepieces have been continually evolving and refining for better. Technology is one of the major factors that influences new watch styles and trends. The recent role of technology has been to develop smart watches that are less bulky and more stylish to wear.

There have been unique designs and styles of watches manufactured over the years. The designs
have altered from curvaceous wrist watches to loosely fitting bracelets types, from long curly straps to the latest being the sleek watches with luxurious rectangular faces. Whatever style and design be it, the timepieces are the ultimate style accessory that bespeaks volume of the individual who adorns it.

The latest timepieces by some of the renowned brands are equally chic and functional, which means that fashion lovers don't have to compromise to keep track of time. Ranging from the parameters of different colors to materials that fancy brands use in the make of these ultimate style accessories like ceramic, forged carbon etc being used in the manufacture of these watches, the watch-makers are experimenting with everything to suit the taste of the classy luxury consumers.

Talking about color - NAVY is the new neutral. Whether worn with a strap in the same color orsomething more metallic, blue is the go-to dial. Another mushrooming trend is the under surfaceof denim. Hublot and Guess are two particular brands that have unveiled timepieces covered in thetough stuff.

With the all-new Rolex GMT Master-II rolling in the markets, the sports-centric version is back invogue. The Rolex timepiece is well equipped with a patented black and blue "cerachrom" bezel,lacquer face and 18k white gold hands that make it a timeless possession for the beholder.

Straps are something that completely changes the look of the watch. Bi-metal straps are the latestaddition the list of trends with the popular combinations being rose gold and steel. Adding to theseare trends like orange accents, grey on grey slate-like matt these are some trends to keep an eyeover.

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