Wednesday, 25 February 2015


The watch world once belonged to the traditional watch makers but things are quickly changing as timepieces become more and more technology infused.The past century’s most revolutionary invention was the introduction of digital watches in 1883. Out of the watch clan digital watches come with tremendous functionalities.
The first digital pocket watch was the invention of Austrian engineer Josef Pallweber who created his "jump-hour" mechanism. The idea behind jump-hour mechanism was to use a window on the dial of the watch to display the hours digitally, while displaying the minutes in a traditional manner. By 1885, Pallweber's mechanism was already being used by brands like Cort├ębert and IWC in the form of pocket watches. Over the years, many different types of digital watches have been developed.
Digital watches come with many functions which probably you would not have thought a watch can do. For instance, a Digital watch, Approach S6 golfing watch is designed for Golfers to help them improve their swingwhile guiding them through golf courses. The Brig Tide and Train digital watch by Vestal is made with surfers in mind with the ability to track incoming and outgoing tides in over 200 different beach locations around the world. Tissot T-Touch is a high-precision instrument which is the perfect partner for professional mountaineers and skiers. The Breitling Emergency-2 is a perfect choice for professional pilots and frequent travellers.

Breitling Emergency 2
Breitling Aerospace Evo
Breitling Aerospace Evo

 As we look forward into technology, all the innovation in the world of timekeeping seems to be captured by two words “Smart watches.”Electronic companies like Samsung, Apple, Google and Sony rolled out smartwatches that enabled people to read text messages and emails, and in some cases make phone calls and take photos, directly from their wrists.
On one hand, traditional watch brands are coming up with digital watches with specialized features and designs as any other luxury watch brand like the new “Omega Speedmaster Z-33”. On the contrary, not all smartwatches are designed with equal attention to design, some look a little more techy while others are designed with fashion in mind. Functionality is perhaps where smartwatches vary the most. While, some receive a message, email, or phone call alert while others have additional features of social media notifications like the new “Galaxy Gear 2”.

Galaxy Gear 2
Omega Speedmaster Z33_01

We can go on and on about the latest fashion trends, technology and what is “in”. The crux of the matter is that technology and fashion are ever evolving. There is no end to it, and we will only see better days ahead of us. Fashion and technology keep changing more often. Time travels and thus our new “Smartwatches” are the result of these fashion and technological changes. What remains though is Style. Fashion and technologykeeps changing but its Style that remains. As a cherry on top, if style combines with ever evolving technology there is no looking back!
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